Best of Summer Skincare Treatments

As the seasons change, so do your skin care needs.

When our time in the sun increases, there are certain skin treatments that we should avoid – to protect our skin. But that doesn’t mean you should skip out on your monthly med spa appointment all together.

Here are some of our favorite summer skincare must do’s:

Glacial Treatments: From the full-service Glacial Gloss that gives you an all in one facial, mini-peel and microdermabrasion WITH soothing cooling technology, to the quick and refreshing Glacial Glide that cools down skin and reduces inflammation, this is our go-to summer “treat”ment. (It’s also pretty perfect for sunburns, when you accidently forget the sunscreen!)

Dermaplaning: Because our skin still needs exfoliation AND both your sunscreen and makeup will glide on beautifully post treatment. (And did you know you can add-on a Glacial Glide to soothe your skin after?) You’ll leave with softer skin, and a fresh layer of sunscreen to keep those harmful rays away!

Facials: Facials are great year-round and one of the easiest ways to compliment your at home skincare. Plus, it’s a great time for extractions and to make sure your skincare is meeting your summer skin needs! We LOVE a Go-n-Glow facial any time of year for that luxurious post-treatment glow!

Laser Hair Removal: This is really only recommended for those touch up sessions only because post laser – your skin is going to be extra sensitive and can be much more easily damaged in the sun’s rays. (Solid UV protection is a must when doing laser hair removal throughout the summer – are you noticing a trend here?)

Botox/Filler: Don’t skip your next tox or filler appointment. These can both be done year-round – except, don’t forget to avoid sun/heat for 24 hours post treatment.

Lashes and Brows: Keep your lashes and brows looking selfie ready all summer long with our Brow Lamination & Tint and Lash Lift & Tint combos. Make your daily routine a little easier without having to fuss with perfecting your brows and lashes daily.

Lip ReSets: Perfectly kissable lips aren’t seasonal. Treat yourself to a colorful, exfoliating and plumping, Lip ReSet. This semi-permanent make-up option gives your lips a subtle blush plus hydrates and softens your lips.

IV Vitamin Hydration: This one is a no brainer. Beat the summer heat and fight dehydration with an IV! This is perfect bi-weekly to monthly to keep your body running at peak performance even in the dog days of summer.

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