Lip treatment that plumps, hydrates and adds color to your lips!

Pricing starts at $149.

What is a Lip ReSet?

A Lip ReSet is similar to microneedling for your lips. Using a revolutionary nano hyaluronic acid blend infused directly into your lips, we are able to plump the lips with a burst of hydration that lasts for weeks. 

PLUS – Customized semi-permanent pigment lightly needled into the upper layer of the skin for a gloss effect.

We use HyrdoStatin Lips™ high-quality formulation that also includes nano plumping peptides to reach the deeper layers of your lips for long-time collagen repair.

There is zero downtime and no peeling, unlike with permanent make-up.

Is a Lip ReSet painful?

We use topical numbing cream, applied directly to the lips before and during your treatment to eliminate any pain. Minor discomfort and swelling may occur after treatment but resolves quickly. Post-treatment hydrating lip cream is provided.